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Leauge of Legends: Meandevil
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I have the best Daddy (BioShock)
by Tulpen-Teufel
Leavin’ home. #cutie


In some countries, they call him “Wally”, but in others, they have a different name…

sketch_dailies #31 - CARMEN SANDIEGO

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❝ this fighter from hyrule is quite impressive, indeed… for a mere mortal.

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I almost scrolled past this
I fucking almost scrolled past this
My two beautiful ladies (:


"DRAGONBALL Z"  by  phuwadon thongnoum

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where has this been all my life

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→President of the United States New York State Senate U.S. House of Representatives: The law should be that if the person flees the scene, wether or not you can prove they were high/drunk or texting, they should be convicted on a higher charge when a death occurs


I would greatly appreciate if any of my followers could please sign this petition. Joey was the father of a year old boy, and was killed in a hit and run. The girl just left him there and thankfully police found her. She got released on $2,500 bail, seriously, that’s it. I think there should be a higher penalty for anyone who hits someone and just leaves them there instead of calling an ambulance or cops or anything. Please, please, please sign it, you’d be helping his family and others impacted by hit and runs.